Saturday, September 1


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I went to UI Fashion Week last night. Awesome. I'm one of the crew.....for next year. Hopefully.

I yawned and winced in pain before I realize something hurts everytime I yawn or open my mouth widely, oh there's a sore on the edge of my mouth. The sun strikes my room through the window, a cold from my air conditioner bites my skin. It's weekend. Mom left earlier to go to her fitness place, and dad to his tennis court. I woke up and made a flower-shape sunny side up eggs. I'm trying not to care about my sister while she made some cupcakes. I'm trying to look like I'm okay everytime she's busy in our pantry, because actually I'm mad. My hobby is cooking, I love baking since years ago until my sister tried to make it one, and she started to monopolize the pantry so everytime I want to make another one, it's just too lazy how I remember the pantry is full and a bit messy because she had her cake bussiness. And it pissed me off. I'm the first who wants to have a fancy restaurant or cake shop and she just simply annoys me.

Sorry, I'm selfish. I really am.
Maybe because I'm the youngest daughter, and then my sister divorced so she came back to my house. Trying to be independent or not distress our mom, but seriously, she's none of it. I know she's nice, and she loves me. Well I love her too, but I can't keep myself pretending that I'm not freaking out so I can't be as nice as her. That's one of the reason why I always spend the whole day in my bedroom, because I'd rather putrefy than going out from my bedroom and no mom. Ha. Let's just talk about another thing. My sisters or my mom might read this someday and maybe they'll kill me instead of understand. But it's fine. I'll die and forget about the pantry anyway.

My driver and my maid haven't back to my house yet since 2 weeks before the Eid celebration. They are a couple. I can't drive a car, I have to, but I won't (oh have you read my Twitter account bio? I'm "Probably the laziest person in the world."). Ok someday or maybe next week I'll learn how to drive it, but it's only if my driver won't back to Jakarta and start his birds-bussiness at his hometown. Yeap, he sells birds. My parents built this house at 80's. And years later, a boy came and willing to work at my house with 30.000 rupiahs as his first salary. It was my driver. He couldn't do anything but clean up my house. As the time goes by, one of his friend which is a driver of my neighbor teach him how to drive a car. So he could be called as a driver besides a maid. On 1994, I was born. He said that sometimes when my mom or my nanny is busy, he took care of me, even bathing part. He married my maid, a couple years ago. Somehow mom wants to fire him because of his reckless behavior. Moreover, mom's outlay can be more frugal as my parents retired. But seriously, I'll only agree with mom and her plan to fire my driver when I can drive a car by myself. And unfortunately I won't. And so if really he won't back here, guess it's time to move on?

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