Wednesday, December 25

No Title Needed


Today is Christmas day and I've been doing nothing but watching Jamie Oliver, my whole-life favorite chef, and his show about cooking Christmas foods and treats and I've been watching that show for approximately 3 times for these days. A couple hours ago I just cried over my camera's memory card because something was happened.. idk why but all of my photos were gone I did everything that Google just taught me, but I got nothing. It was all gone. Anyway, how's your day? Your holiday? Mine is lovely. I've been very busy with college thingy since I was in my freshman year and now lemme get this straight. I'm dating someone. I've been dating him for about 3 months. He's someone that used to be my classmate every monday. Now that my college is pretty close (no, not that close) to my house and my last driver was fired, I started to learn to be a well-mature girl (you know, I spent my whole life as a youngest daughter, I still act and gets treated like a child by my family) so I begun to walk on my life as a happy-independent college freshman (though I still act and gets treated like a child, but, never mind). I get there by train, and that guy named Rakha used to pick me up at the bus stop since the first time I begun my ospek things. I'm madly in love with this guy. And until now, he still pick me up at the bus stop and I still could fall for him everytime I stare into his eyes. He's just someone that had the same (almost all) personalities with me and I'm completely happy with that, I could love him for a hundred years. PINK BALLOONS ARE FLYING HIGH UP IN THE AIR!

It's December already. Time flies, indeed. Sometimes I still regret for made unworthy people a priority in my life but here I am, a 19 years old girl living her happy life surrounded by great people, so I took it all as a life lesson.
Have a holly jolly Christmas for those who celebrate it!

Ps: I gained 5kilos. Thanks to my boyfie.

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