Wednesday, August 19

'Sup again, Life?

I remember once at my favorite sushi place, my best friend, Tedo, told me about few things that I might meet somewhere inside a place called college life. It was around 2013 on early of my freshman year. " careful who you're friends with." he said it shortly and sharply. I wasn't really took in those words until these past few months I've saw some infelicity, hanging right there all over this life.

I murmured to myself, "oh this is happening."

You might find this in any aspect of your life but here I mention college life only as the example of my personal lesson learned stuff. Well it's like, I'm getting into a higher phase of life. A phase where you'll find people or person that you, and even a good friend of yours can't decide what kind of human were them. People that typically described in adult's quotes about a tough life. People that ironically, talking to you like they were the nicest person you'll ever met and stabbing you afterwards. These phrase are pretty much an allegory, but it's sort of same as the fact. I found that even the sweetest girl I've ever met were doing harmful things that might kill people's respect to her. I also found someone that once made me cry turns out to be someone whom I admire. I'm not saying here that I'm completely a good and nice person, because who on earth make no mistake anyway? Bottom line I'm telling you that you can't say you know someone as simple as seeing them from the outside. Sooner or later you'll see what you need to see, to know what you need to know from someone. You might now spending your minutes, thinking about someone doing something you like or dislike, good or bad. But who knows someday you have to give him/her a space, and slowly realize that you should avoid them for good? Or who knows he/she could be the best partner you'll ever need? Who knows he/she could be the one who leads you to a better life?
. . .

Being worried is somehow good. Good, in a sufficient dose and a proper way, because we all know that anxiety does come in oftenly to our life and as far as we can life we also know that sometimes bad thoughts come immediately. I always believe that God is Good is a magical phrase, but praying every night and day without making any effort is simply give you nothing. I've learned a plentiful amount of lessons this past year from my family and my closest one's occurrence, but one lesson that clinging to my mind is: being bad is not good and being too good is bad. My mother is just too good and too kind I suppose she's a saint. Like, a pure saint. We both get it now if being too good is a boomerang to ourselves, look for a further details and ask for a truth are necessary. I apply this cognition to my relationship with Rakha. I told him what he need to do, what he need to learn and what he need to know. He told me what I need to do, what I need to learn and what I need to know. We both know why are we reaching this and why are we reaching that. We both know that making mistake is one behavior which naturally exist in human's vein and second chance is required to fix a single mistake. Within a spice of trust, truth, goodness and God's will, I assume every single thing is great along the way, or in the end. And thankfully, it happens most of the time.

God is dreadfully good.

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