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Bali Trip-ping!

So! It's getting near to the end of holiday blues. Here I'll share my some shorty short review and photos from me and my mother's latest trip to Bali last week before approaching the 6th semester. Yes, 6th semester!!! It wasn't really sunny days in Bali because you know, it's rainy season, and unfortunately there was heavy-massive rain on my first day here. Despite this island was covered in cloudy and grayish sky, the air was still stiflingly hot. Actually I visited more than I took photos of several places that you'll see below this paragraph, but I only post the highlight of my 4 days of holiday. Enough talking, here's (only) a glimpse of Bali last week!

Mantra Sakala Resort & Beach Club
First of all, this place is HUGE. It's located in Tanjung Benoa and I stayed here for a night. It has 2 buildings separated by the street. There's a restaurant and a club at the front section, complete with (not so, but they said) small swimming pool. Too bad there was a wedding party on the night I stayed so I couldn't have my dinner on the restaurant. These whole restaurant, club and swimming pool are facing the Tanjung Benoa beach. But!!! The beach was sooo crowded by the time I figured out that there were lots of water sport activities (such as banana boat, parasailing, etc). Of course the beach was nowhere as I expected (oh I expect clean and quite beach), but if you're planning to look for a five star hotel with plentiful water sport activities, this might be perfect. Anyway! The rooms, breakfast restaurant and the bigger swimming pool are located at the back section. The room was huge as well! There were a kitchen, complete with the stove and microwave, dining room and two televisions inside the room. My mother always says that this kind of room would be perfect for honeymoon.... indeed.
IMG 4093

IMG 4037
IMG 4045
IMG 4057
IMG 4060
IMG 4056
IMG 4070
The view from my room. Told ya, it's certainly a BIGGER swimming pool.

Jl. Pratama no. 95 Tanjung Benoa
Bali 80363
0361 775216

Dash Hotel Seminyak
I moved to Seminyak and stayed here for 2 nights. A new, funky boutique hotel around Seminyak, very close to several well-known places such as Potato Head, Motel Mexicola, Sea Circus, Merah Putih, etc - a proper choice for those who likes strolling around Petitenget, Seminyak. The hotel was pretty colorful with lots of graphic illustration. It has red swimming pool... yes it is hella red, and they provide us with a la carte breakfast on their restaurant called Mya Bar & Restaurant. This hotel also has rooftop bar, The Shack, perfect to watch the sunset over the building.
IMG 4098
IMG 4099

Jalan Petitenget no. 468X, Kuta Utara
Bali 80361
0361 3004666

One of the most happening place in Seminyak, and frankly, my favorite eatery! I past by this eatery several times and it is always crowded. Although the place isn't spacious, the foods are amazing and everything arranged beautifully. No wonder why this eatery never gets lonely.
IMG 4106
Hello from the outside
IMG 4121
Super tasty Sisterfields Dirty Burger

Jalan Kayu Cendana no. 7, Seminyak
Bali 80361

La Laguna
Currently the hippest place in Bali! A vintage-looking place, decorated with raw and gypsy stuffs. Since me and my mother ate too much meals during this trip (and I spent my entire days here listening to her grumbled about all the yummy foods we've ate and how she supposed to stay slim if I ask her to eat all the time, and we probably ate ice cream most of the time), I ordered mostly drink and dessert only on brunch or tea time. Here I ordered a mocktail and a dessert, and surprisingly I looove the dessert.
IMG 4186
IMG 4196
IMG 4140
IMG 4150
Spoon Me - Lemongrass Creme Brûlée served in spoons :9
IMG 4177

Jalan Pura Kayu Putih, Kuta Utara
0361 4741214

Bridges Bali
Last but not least, Bridges Bali! A quite fancy restaurant located in Ubud, near Don Antonio Blanco Museum. The restaurant has a bridge beside the street. This restaurant offers catchy greeneries scenery of Ubud and fine dining dishes. I also noticed there was a coffee shop associated with Bridges on the upper level and the restaurant itself located on the lower level and provide lunch and dinner. Since this is a fine dining restaurant, of course the price is quite expensive, but... the food tastes sooo good! I ordered Roasted Chicken with herb seasoning - probably the tastiest roasted chicken I've ever had, complete with the potatoes, vegetable and mango puree.
IMG 4234
IMG 4235
IMG 4232
Posh plating!
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The bridge

Jalan Campuhan, Ubud
Bali 80571
0361 970095

I also visited more place such as Standing Stones Restaurant in Gianyar, Biku Restaurant which was only steps away from my hotel in Seminyak, and Petite India plus Lello Lello Gelato - my favorite Indian dishes and nice nice gelato. So that's all! See ya later on the next review!

Ps: obviously there's something wrong with my camera's that blurry side on each photo? Well idk. I don't mind.

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